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Who Is Heather Hein Writes?

Heather Hein is a Colorado writer interested in Thriller and Horror genres with a flair for the comedic nature of the human psyche.


2415 E. Mulberry Street, #11 Fort Collins, CO 80524

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The Writer and the Wendigo

Release Date: TBD

A writer, his wife, and an insatiable hunger

A blocked, frustrated writer and his wife set out on a trip to get away from it all and save their marriage, but end up bringing something dark and horrible back with them. Darien avoids what he fears is the truth, because the truth is too awful to admit.

Praise for The Writer and the Wendigo from Beta Readers:

“I was on the edge of my seat trying to figure it out up to the very end. Characters are very deep and very real.”

"My friend and I are reading this out loud to each other, two chapters at a time. We've just gotten into Part II. OMG, Heather, we love it!"

Stay tuned as this work is currently "under construction". 


The Death of the Bachelor

Release Date: TBD

What happens when a sadistic madman, an alcoholic, and her best friend clash in a life and death struggle to stop a murder spree? Through steamy sex scenes interwoven with a campaign of toxic masculinity, readers will cheer on a flawed, complex protagonist, proving even the most screwed up people can work through addiction to triumph over adversity.

Praise from Beta Readers for Death of the Bachelor:

"Believable characters and situations that elevate you to the I-sure-am-glad-she-writes-books-with-her-ideas level!"

"From the very beginning I was in...unable to stop reading! I did find myself up way past my normal bedtime because I couldn’t put it down I needed to stay in the story!"

Stay tuned for updates!